Interview with Reed Baker, CEO of Sophist Productions

Music, entrepreneurship, event marketing, and helping philanthropies: Reed Baker is passionate about them all. He’s a talented musician, but his passion for entrepreneurship helped him create Sophist Productions, which is a multi-faceted company out of Long Island City.

In my opinion, they are onto some really cutting edge stuff with their latest platform, Text-To-Pledge, which allows people attending a fundraising event to text in their donations. To date, they’ve helped raise over $2.5 million for non-profits. What I like most though is that Reed has created an opportunity for himself that includes all his passions, from event management/production, to entrepreneurship, to music.

Reed mentions something that I really like and want to to reiterate here. For those interested in becoming a musician, or getting into the music business, Reed suggests picking a side and sticking to it. Then find your perfect counterpart.  That is, if you are a musician, focus on the music and find someone else to team up with who’s expertise and passion is the business side of things. And vice versa. This is good advice in my opinion.